Third Time Lucky
Copyright K D Blake 2001

SplatKkwhush..... . .

The shot followed the picture without apparent interval, the elven face dissolving inwards on its last smile.

Frozen in time the camera revealed the immaculately pressed shirt behind as the dyed black hair slid out of view; white becoming multicolour as pink-tinged grey mush exploded outwards through the shattered skull.

Shading the television screen the massive figure began to shake. Quietly at first until the quivering fat threatened to wobble the bulbous head off the bull-like shoulders. Then, and only then, came deep rumblings of mirth that rolled over and over like distant thunder.

Turning towards the huddled shape in the darkened corner the laughter wheezed to a halt.

Eyes glistening with triumph the guttural voice intoned one word.


To be continued . .
. . . . . . . . . . . .