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Crosher & James opened their Manchester Office in the early 70's as part of a quantity surveying tradition that had its roots in the Eighteenth Century. Already an innovator that firm had identified opportunities for costing skills in Capital Allowances and Taxation and developed that into a market-leading role. As the boom 80's collapsed into the recession 90's Crosher & James and John Wilding founded a Joint Venture company Crosher James Wilding (in parallel with John Wilding & Co).

In the late 90's further market rationalisation led to the whole shareholding being acquired by John Wilding and in February 2001 the firm was renamed Blake Wilding Limited. To differentiate from John Wilding & Co the newly named organisation has been directed into a number of defined areas with directors that encompass not only surveying, construction and engineering expertise but also Banking and Academic Research (click links opposite for details).

Changing times, moving goals, fluctuating markets and variable demand have led to a need for innovation and initiative in construction consultancy - Blake Wilding is in the forefront.


Are you a Quantity Surveyor, Building Surveyor, Civil Engineer Surveyor or similar?

Do you have many skills, great experience ... and no job offers because your old head on wise shoulders has seen 49 plus Summers?

Send your details to:
Human Resources for Building at 28/29 William Jessop Court, Piccadilly Village , Manchester M1 2NE or by email to reference "Forty -Niners".

Building Surveyors Ref 010701bs

Looking for independence but not enough work to feel comfortable at taking the plunge unsupported? Manchester based QS practice providing limited building surveying services is looking for you!

Interested ?
Send your details to :
Deborah Clement BA
Human Resources for Building
28/29 William Jessop Court
Piccadilly Village

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Property and money
Two industries, two languages

Property Finance Services

Fluency in both, combining Banking expertise with Building knowledge

If you are a developer or looking to invest in property and need support then you need to call Philip Faulkner at

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Estimating for Building takes knowledge of costing and process

Building Contractors Estimating Services

Providing support in pricing through its team of Chartered Surveyors and ex-Builders

Contact for help

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